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Innova Wedge (EDGE Program Disc)

Innova Proto Star Wedge

For this review, I am going to discuss the new putter/mid hybrid that was released by Innova as their EDGE program disc called the Wedge. This disc is actually a combination of two of Innova’s other molds, their XD and Stingray. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a tasty Proto Star First Run Star Wedge at 175g. Most people do not know much about these discs because Innova released them very quietly and it was probably one of the smallest runs of Proto Stars Innova has ever done. Any current runs that you find will now be in the standard DX line and marked as their EDGE disc. Innova describes their disc with their standard numbers system as follows: 3.5 / 3 / -3 / 1. The 3.5 was rather confusing to me, I don’t understand why they couldn’t do 4 or 3. Looking at the numbers though this disc is set up to be a fairly understable mid to a straight flying putter; to me that is the perfect EDGE program disc. It offers the ability of an easy throwing mid-range driver with a consistent straight putter from one single disc. In the Star blend this disc just feels great in the hand, it is slightly soft while still retaining its rigid qualities. In the DX plastic I imagine that it is much more rigid which would be easier for a newer player to handle.

The Rim of the Wedge

With is speed 3.5 and very understable rating, this disc sticks itself right there in the mix with other Innova molds that have been successful for years, the two most popular being the XD and Stingray in which this disc was born from. It has some similar characteristics to both but in the end, this disc will never encroach on the sales of those discs. Why you might ask? It is because Innova needed a single disc that was truly dedicated to the development of the sport of Disc Golf and teaching new players how to throw and put. The disc itself has a more shallow rim depth, for some this will be exactly what they need. Many people at first struggle to put with putters that have a deep rim depth. Other people will like it for throwing because it will want to come off of the hand naturally.

One of the main reasons that I was eager to pick this disc up was I needed a good understable flyer right out of the box to replace my beat 165g Champion Panther. I loved the Panther for its understability, but my problem with it was the fact that it had just a hair too much Low Speed Stability; unless I really ripped it, it would sometimes fight back. The Wedge on the other hand, when thrown for an anhyzer will continue that line, it does it flawlessly and never leaves you questioning whether or not it will come back at the end. My favorite way to throw this disc is to really give it a hard throw on a flat line and let it flip and ride the anhyzer line all the way until it landed. Despite the puny 3.5 speed rating this disc just seemed like it flew fast for a mid-range. When I needed a shorter anhyzer shot I would just power down on the disc and release it on an anhyzer to begin with and it would stick that line the whole way.

As a putter this disc really surprised me, being that it is larger than what I would consider a normal size putter it flew amazingly well. It has a very neutral flight when push putted, as that is my putting style of choice. I putt Magics by Gateway Disc Sports and it really felt like I was using a large diameter Magic with a shallow rim. Some things that I really found interesting from this disc as a putter is it really showed you how you were missing the putts. If you missed right it went right, if you went high it stayed high. Since it has glide and is a neutral flier when putting it didn’t have the crazy overstability that some putters have to mask your mistakes. If I had to do a two disc round I really could use this disc as a mid-range and putter effectively which would essentially give me a third disc while really only carrying two.

When I bought this disc, I caught some flak for being a power thrower getting a “trainer” disc from my friends. To be honest it is so much more, it is a disc that will do what you tell it to. Granted you won’t see your top level pro players throwing these, as many of them have several discs that they have played with for years that are beat to death and perform like this disc. Even still, when it does come out of my bag to be replaced by a beat Buzzz SS it will still find itself back in the bag when I get to courses that I know need an easily controlled anhyzer shot. Innova did an awesome job in making this disc and releasing it for the EDGE program; it really is one disc that can perform two tasks very well. Weaker arms will appreciate it as a straight flying mid-range and a neutral putter, bigger arms like myself will find usefulness in it at shorter courses that require technical anhyzer shots. I definitely think very highly of this disc and its capabilities, but it will not be “THE” disc for everyone.


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